Ace Genealogy Research & Consulting LLC

Bringing your family branches and roots together...






Ace Genealogy Research is pleased to assist clients in discovering and documenting their family history through research and consulting.  


Specialties include:
*   Genealogical research and consultation
*   Assistance with lineage society applications
*   Writing your family history: telling the story
*   Locating lost relatives and heirs

Geographic specialties:
*  Pennsylvania:

  - Bucks
  - Northampton
  - Montgomery
  - Philadelphia Counties

*  New England
*  Other areas: please contact me to discuss



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Genealogical Research

Lineage Societies

Family Histories

Researching and documenting family histories, finding lost or missing relatives and heirs, placing your family in historical contest of their place and time.

 Lineage Society applications: assistance in preparing and submitting applications for lineage societies

 Writing and documenting family history: telling the story