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Courses tailored to the setting: 2, 3, 4 and 8 session classes.  Recent course offerings:


  • Introduction to Genealogy: starting your family tree or upgrading your research skills, this course builds a strong background in the

      necessary skills for accurate and efficient research.

  • Beyond the Basics: taking your genealogy to the next level. Focus is on research skills, documentation and writing your family story.
  • Online Genealogy Research: making the most of online genealogy resources, databases and tools. An overview of commercially available software tools and essential websites.
  • DNA for Genealogy Research: understanding the fundamentals of DNA in genealogy research. Without getting overly technical, this course teaches what you need to know before you choose a DNA test and how to understand the results you get.



 Examples of recent lectures presented:


  • Hidden Gems of Genealogy: Finding genealogy treasures in unexpected places. Tips and tricks for using more obscure sources.
  • Using DNA to Build Your Family Tree: Planning your DNA testing strategy, analyzing your results and maximizing your family connections through targeted DNA testing.
  • Bucks County Resources: Finding your ancestors in historic Bucks County. Tips and tricks for researching in Bucks and surrounding counties, including constructing your own resource guides.     

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